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Your Green and Reliable Solution!

As a leading expert in hot water technology since 1975, Quantum has revolutionised the industry with its eco-friendly approach. Its hot water units adhere to Australian Standards, guaranteeing top-notch quality. Quantum heat pumps boast the highest hot water recovery rate and an uninterrupted supply of clean, high-quality hot water. With over 30 years of product development expertise, their original design model ensures outstanding performance. Trust Quantum for durable hot water systems that meet your needs while reducing greenhouse emissions. Experience excellence with Quantum!

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Key Features of Rheem Hot Water Heaters

Versatile Sizes

Quantum offers different size ranges of water heaters, catering to every household and business’s needs and ensuring you find the perfect fit. Quantum has the right solution- a small apartment or an ample commercial space.

Generous storage tank

Equipped with a spacious storage tank with a capacity range of 150L-340L, Quantum hot water units guarantee an ample hot water supply for your daily needs. Say goodbye to cold showers and enjoy a steady flow of hot water, even during peak usage times.

Safety Assurance

With a PTR valve setting, Quantum hot water systems prioritise safety, ensuring efficient and secure operation and giving you peace of mind. You can trust Quantum to deliver hot water without compromising on safety.

Easy Installation

Quantum hot water units provide flexible installation options. They can be placed on a base against the wall or recessed into a cavity, offering a hassle-free setup. Save time and effort with an installation process designed for your convenience.

Energy Efficiency

Quantum hot water systems are designed to optimise energy usage, resulting in substantial potential energy savings for your household or business. Lower your carbon footprint while enjoying cost-effective hot water solutions that benefit your pocket and the planet.

Upgrade to the Quantum hot water system

Select the perfect Quantum hot water unit for your household by considering size and usage patterns. Contact Hot Water Solutions For installation, replacement, or repair. To learn about the pricing plans  and if you need any spare parts for your water systems call our helpline 1300 728 122.

Types of Rheem Hot Water Systems

Rheem has a wide range of hot water systems. These hot water systems come in various types, capacities and price ranges. Some of the best-selling products are as follows. 



Electric hot water systems 


Gas hot water systems 


Solar hot water systems 


Under-sink hot water systems

Doesn’t require a storage tank

Continuous hot water systems

Doesn’t require a storage tank


Quantum Solar Hot Water Systems

  • Pricing is subject to site conditions and onsite inspection.
  • Note: laundry, apartment, and cupboard installations will likely require an onsite quotation and may not be subject to advertised pricing due to the complexity of the work.
  • Supply & Install prices are for like installations.
  • Supply & Install prices include the removal of the old system.
  • Supply & Install products purchased by credit card are subject to an additional 1% surcharge.
  • Open-air free parking space will need to be provided by the customer at the same location as the installation.
  • Additional charges may apply if this cannot be provided.
  • Additional ($90.00 Incl GST) cost for installation of a cold water expansion valve if required.
  • Hot Water Systems may require a 20% restocking fee.
  • Non-50˚C preset models require a tempering valve ($185.00 inc GST) if feeding bathrooms or general hand washing areas.
  • Additional ($90.00 inc GST) cost for installation of 15mm Duo Valve if required.
  • Additional ($110.00 inc GST) cost for installation of 15mm Pressure Limiting Valve if required.
  • Additional ($65.00 inc GST) cost for Concrete Slab or Pizza Base if required.

Frequently Asked Questions

Quantum Hot Water Systems are popular for their energy efficiency, high performance, and reliable design. They offer significant cost savings over time and are known for their durability and long lifespan.

Quantum water heaters are proudly made in Australia. The manufacturing is based locally, ensuring high-quality standards and supporting the domestic economy.

Quantum heat pumps extract heat from the surrounding air and transfer it to the water through a heat exchanger. This process is highly efficient and requires much less energy compared to traditional electric water heaters, resulting in lower energy bills and reduced environmental impact.

Yes, the price range of Quantum heat pumps and Quantum solar heat pumps can vary. Quantum offers different models and capacities of heat pumps, and including solar technology in some models can also influence the pricing making it a little costly option. While the normal heat pumps cost around $3,000 to $5,300.

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