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Thermann Hot Water System Prices

Thermann Hot Water Systems are manufactured with sleek and modern designs. Its water units are available in attractive shades like white and silver, adding a touch of style to your space. Thermann is an Australia-based company founded in 2012 with a vast distribution network, ensuring its services are accessible everywhere in the country. Thermann is a highly renowned brand for its commitment to quality and innovation. Thermann products are built to withstand the challenging climate conditions in Australia and have sold more water heaters in Australia than any other brand. Experience its cost-effective hot water solutions today and elevate your comfort with Thermann.

Prices listed next to each heater are for supply and installation in the Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gympie, Toowoomba, Gold coast, Caboolture, Bribie Island, Noosa and Ipswich areas. Tempering valve if required is an additional.

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Unveiling Thermann: The Distinctive Features

Wide Product Range

Thermann offers diverse hot water systems to suit various household needs. From 25 L to 1150 L models, their water heaters cater to different household sizes, ensuring a perfect fit for household and commercial usage.

Extended Warranty

With comprehensive 1 year parts and labour warranty and 9 years of tank failure warranty, Thermann demonstrates its confidence in the durability of its products. Customers can have peace of mind knowing that their hot water system is backed by reliable warranty coverage.

Energy Efficiency & Environmental Sustainability

Thermann is committed to environmental sustainability. Its solar heat pump systems utilise solar energy to heat water, reducing carbon footprint. Its hot water systems are also designed to be energy-efficient, promoting reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

Easy Installation and Space Efficiency

Thermann’s hot water systems are designed for easy installation, making them convenient for users. Its electric systems are designed for restricted spaces and feature a “V Fit” configuration for simple inlet and outlet installations.

Safety and Durability

Thermann prioritises safety and durability in its hot water systems. Advanced safety features such as temperature control devices, anti-scalding valves, and pressure relief valves ensure a safe and reliable hot water experience.

Upgrade To Thermann Hot Water Systems

Choose Thermann for reliable hot water solutions. With low-competitive prices, customised repair and installation assistance, exceptional customer care, and comprehensive after-sales support, we go the extra mile to ensure your satisfaction. Trust in Thermann’s commitment to quality and enjoy peace of mind with their dependable hot water systems.

Thermann Electric/Gas Hot Water Systems

  • Pricing is subject to site conditions and onsite inspection.
  • Note: laundry, apartment, and cupboard installations will likely require an onsite quotation and may not be subject to advertised pricing due to the complexity of the work.
  • Supply & Install prices are for like installations.
  • Supply & Install prices include the removal of the old system.
  • Supply & Install products purchased by credit card are subject to an additional 1% surcharge.
  • Open-air free parking space will need to be provided by the customer at the same location as the installation.
  • Additional charges may apply if this cannot be provided.
  • Additional cost for installation of a cold water expansion valve if required.
  • Hot Water Systems may require a 20% restocking fee.
  • Non-50˚C preset models require a tempering valve if feeding bathrooms or general hand washing areas.
  • Additional cost for installation of 15mm Duo Valve if required.
  • Additional cost for installation of 15mm Pressure Limiting Valve if required.
  • Additional cost for Concrete Slab or Pizza Base if required.

Frequently Asked Questions

Thermann heat pump extracts heat from the air and transfers it to the water using a refrigeration cycle. This energy-efficient process allows the heat pump to effectively heat the water, resulting in cost savings and reduced environmental impact.

Thermann hot water system ranges from $514 to $6,731

Yes, Thermann provides commercial hot water solutions, including electric, gas, and solar-boosted systems. These systems are designed to meet the demands of commercial applications with storage tanks and continuous flow options.

Yes, Thermann hot water systems are known for their quality and reliability. They are designed to provide an efficient and consistent hot water supply, making them a trusted choice for many households.

Thermann water heaters are manufactured in Thailand and Japan. They undergo rigorous testing to meet Australian residential and commercial project requirements.

No, Thermann and Dux are separate brands in the hot water system industry. Although both brands strongly emphasise quality, dependability, and innovation, they are independent companies.

Thermann provides 1-year parts and labour warranty and 9 years tank failure warranty. 

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