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What Are The Most Common Types Of Hot Water Systems?

Hot water sytem

What Are The Most Common Types Of Hot Water Systems?

Have you finally had to replace your outdated water heater? Are you thinking of replacing your water heater system as it has come to its end life? Or do you want to upgrade your present water heater system to meet your home’s increased hot water demand? No matter why you need to replace the water heater system, getting, the right appliance is important. 

A water heater is a device or plumbing apparatus designed to heat cold water and sometimes to store hot water. Showers, cloth washers, dishwashers, tubs, and sinks rely on water heaters to preheat incoming cold water, so these appliances can use hot water to sanitize dishes, wash clothing and maintain personal hygiene.

Before you buy a new water heater system, keep in mind that all the water heater systems are not the same. There are various types of heat water systems available in the market. That’s what makes it difficult for people to choose who are newbies. But don’t worry; if you’re purchasing a water heater system, this guide is for you. We analysed the 4 top hot water systems in Australia and how you can choose the best one. 

Solar Hot Heater System

A solar water heater that uses solar energy to heat water can significantly save annual utility expenses. Like conventional water tank heaters, solar water heaters store water in a big insulated tank until needed. The primary distinction is that the solar hot water system uses electricity to convert solar energy into heat.

Solar water systems can be set up on the roof with solar panels or installed in another part of the house. They don’t rely only on the solar system, so there is always a gas or electric backup fuel system to ensure you always have access to hot water.

Keep in mind that solar water systems won’t function effectively in areas prone to heavy snowfall as the snow can cover solar panels and prevent energy collection from the sun.

Though its annual energy expenditures may surpass a solar water system, installing conventional water heater systems is more costly.


  • These are highly efficient 
  • Easy to operate 
  • They have low runny cost than conventional water heaters


  • Not suitable for cold areas
  • Requires sufficient roof space for installation

Heat Pump Water Heater

Heat pump systems are efficient for temperature regulation in areas with mild climates. But do you know all these space cooling equipment can also provide heat water?

The heat pump hot water heater has a tank for hot water storage, just like a conventional water heater. The operating mechanism of this water heater system is different from how most heaters work.

Heat pump water systems use electricity to transfer heat between areas of a home. They collect heat from the atmosphere and transport it directly into a water storage tank at higher temperatures for storage, making these expensive but cost-efficient systems an alternative to conventional water heaters.


  • Perfect for large families 
  • Works great in hot areas
  • This water heater system can easily work in places without sunlight


  • It is not a good choice for cold areas
  • It needs good ventilation to work properly

Electric Water Heater System

Electric hot water systems use a heating element inside the holding tank. It is available in different sizes and the most affordable options. They are not the most efficient way to heat water. 

Instantaneous hot water is another electric water system that only heats the water when you turn on your taps. These systems don’t have a large output water flow and need a 3-phase power connection. 

The electric water heater is used widely in Australia because it is far better than other options in several ways. An electric water heater will be the best option if you have a small family as they work on electric supply so these water heaters can be installed in any home in Australia. These water heater systems will also be an affordable option in the market. 


  • No need to have a large space; they can be easily installed in small houses
  • Convenient and simple to operate 
  • Steaming hot water generation on demand


  • Long term high cost
  • Extended recovery period
  • There will be no water during a blackout

Gas Water Heater System

Gas Hot water systems are becoming more popular in Australia, as they are better than electric ones in several ways. Because of the high recovery rate, they are suitable for large families. They can simultaneously heat water to a certain temperature compared to the electric water heater. They heat the water faster than electric water heater systems.

If your home is hooked to natural or LPG gas, you need a qualified plumber to install the gas water heater. This water system has two main kinds: A gas hot water cylinder and a continuous gas flow. Most people in Australia use continuous gas flow, which doesn’t need tank storage.


  • Provide hot water even when electricity is out
  • Operating expenses are very low
  • Constant availability of hot water


  • High potential of death or injury at the outset 
  • High cost of installation

How To Choose A Water Heater

Water heater systems with tank storage take up more space with the advantage of storing heated water. Tankless water heaters are a good option for small houses with limited space, but they cost more than conventional tank heater systems. 

Another factor to consider before water heater installation is fuel type. Most water heater systems are powered by gas, electricity, or both. If you want to use renewable energy sources, use the solar water heater system. Before purchasing a tank heater, ensure its dimensions easily fit within your home. On average, 40-50 gallon tanks will suffice for two or three-person households living permanently in your home; add 10 gallons for every additional individual living there permanently.

Contact Hot Water Solutions in Australia for professional guidance regarding selecting a hot water system. We have extensive experience with water heater systems. We offer our hot water system installation, repair, and replacement services in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Bribie Island, Caboolture, Gold Coast, Toowoomba, Gympie, Noosa, and Ipswich. If your heater has issues, please call us for help – Australia-wide services are available!

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